Every. Single. Day

Every. Single. Day

This is me processing, but mostly ranting:

Why am I living in a Game of Thrones episode? Are we the Starks? Where are the dragons? Who is Daenerys?

Every day I wake up to something new with this administration or faux feminist empowerment think pieces policing black women, their bodies or something. Every. Single. Day.

I’m convinced America’s demise will be the result of a Twitter beef or something 45 tweeted to another foreign leader. 100% convinced of this. FOR WHY (YES, FOR WHY) DOES THE PRESIDENT HAVE TIME TO TWEET LIKE HE’S NOT SUPPOSED TO BE RUNNING A COUNTRY????? Why is he tweeting like he has a regular 9-5?  Barry Allen, get me out of this alternate timeline ASAP. I did not ask to be a part of Flashpoint!

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