Bestie’s Birthday

Happy Monday!

My draft is filled with posts about culture and living under authoritarian regime so I thought I would switch things up and balance it out with goodness. This past weekend I celebrated my best friend’s birthday. Not to boast or anything, but she is quite an amazing best friend. I could not imagine doing life without her. She is kind, caring, warm, supportive, and loves unconditionally. She’s inspiring and challenges me to be a better version of myself daily. Her friendship means the world to me and her encouragement inspired me to be my authentic self and to start this blog. Since I am getting emotional writing this, I will stop here, but I hope everyone at some point experiences that kind of friendship.

With her permission, I am sharing just a few of the pictures I captured with my Canon T6. I thoroughly enjoy being behind the camera and I’m trying to be intentional with this hobby. I am still using auto function on the camera and trying to understand depth of field. I don’t know how to edit photos either so these have not been edited. Everything is a work in progress.






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