What’s the plan?

There are so many things happening in our country and around the world. Sometimes, I feel like I need to unplug; to log off social media Twitter and to stop reading articles. Sometimes, I’m successful. Other times, I’m not. As we’re faced with these difficult times, I am slowly finding that balance is necessary. Balance between staying inform and knowing when to unplug. It’s easy for the pendulum to swing in one direction more than the other. I like to self-care and I like being in the know. I don’t know which I enjoy more. I don’t want to overwhelm myself or my friends by talking about Cheeto Pop ad nauseam. Unfortunately, this is our reality.

It is difficult to not be engrossed with everything because this reality is filled with uncertainty and fear. Full of unknowns. I can’t take a “wait and see” approach. Every report fills me with anger and rage. I wish we could wake up from this nightmare, but this is real. My mother losing health insurance is real. I want to remain engaged. I want to remember that what is happening is not normal. This. is. not. normal. So what’s the plan going forward? The plan to feel like I can do something? The plan to stay informed and engaged? The plan to not lose my mind or be in a perpetuate state of anger?

  1. Donate to organizations advocating for women’s rights and social justice. These are the issues that matter most to me.
  2. Support content creators and work staring people of color.
  3. Contact my senators via mail and phone. Phone is difficult because I become anxious and fear stumbling over my words as the phone is ringing. I can try to be better at this.
  4. Log off social media Twitter before bed.

This is the plan to keep myself accountable in the upcoming months. It may look differently in a few weeks or months. But for now, this is it; this is where I’ll start. We have to start somewhere and that may look different for each one of us. Your top two issues may not be the same as mine, but the question remains the same: How will you balance self-care and staying engage?


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