Spring 2017…

Earlier this week I read a post by Naturally Fashionable that inspired me. In the post she wrote about choosing a guide word for 2017. Thirteen days into 2017 feels a little late to write this, but I loved the idea so much I figured I could choose a guide word for spring 2017. Spring semester began this week and after reading the syllabi for all my classes, I’ll need a guide word, prayers, and anything else you can offer. I am confident group projects will lead to my demise. I am also confident the trauma of group projects will be passed down to my future offspring through epigenetics. I’m exaggerating, of course (not about the epigenetics part).

Personally, I think I could benefit from another week or two off; however, instead of walking through the semester anticipating April 27th, the guide word I’m choosing for spring 2017 is: persevere. When I’m stumbling my way to page 6 of that paper: persevere. When the instructions don’t make sense: persevere. When it becomes too difficult to coordinate schedules with 5 different groups: persevere. When I naturally become inundated with all the other commitments (like work) outside of class: persevere. And if that doesn’t work, dropping out is still an option, right? Or maybe I learn a new way to numb the pain.

P.s. I’m kidding about the dropping out part.

P.p.s. No, I’m not kidding! That was for my best friend.

p.p.p.s (is that a thing?): I hope to figure out a blogging schedule this semester too. Talk about doing too much.


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