In an attempt to see the world…Tori Kelly. I purchased the ticket on a whim, had serious anxiety up leading up to the concert, but really enjoyed it. Extremely happy my ticket was balcony seating. General admission is not for me. I prefer to not watch the back of some random person’s head. I’m vertically challenged a.k.a, I’m short as heck. You could probably rest your arm on my head (if you’re feeling brave, try this at your own risk, but don’t say I didn’t warn you).  Kudos to good decisions (this includes you not thinking of resting your arm on head).

To Tori Kelly. Jesus Christ. Lord have mercy. I was slain in the spirit. Listen, this woman can SANG. Not sing. SANG. The vocals man. I stan Tori Kelly’s vocals. I want Tori Kelly to sing me lullabies. You know how you hear someone on a record, but, vocally, it doesn’t work live? Yeah, none of that. She sounds [expletive] amazing live.  If you have an opportunity to see her while she’s touring, go! ThirdStory opened for her and let me tell you, those harmonies were on point.

*These pictures were taken with my phone*

Hard Rock.jpg
Hard Rock Live


Tori Kelly.jpg
Tori Kelly



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