bucket list-ish

“…And it comes from the most human part of us: hope”-Professor X, Days of Future Past

My bucket list is insane. My list includes [expletive] like travel to Spain and Italy, see favorite artists live, Chicago in spring, live on savings for a year, vote for a WOC presidential candidate, read classics, and watch movies under the stars on cool summer nights. Cool summer nights, though? No one said there were rules to this. This five-page list made my heart smile and filled me with hope.

When Adele announced her American tour dates, I knew I wanted to throw my money at her, the only question was which city. We settled on Atlanta or Miami.  Unfortunately, tickets sold out quickly. Trust me, there was a Twitter rant about Ticketmaster and scalpers (check my Twitter). When tickets were available for purchase on the West coast, I, uncharacteristically, jumped on it. And here I am telling you this tale.

Going to California (bucket list item #138) this summer AND will see Adele in concert (bucket list item #87). A few days after that, Janet Jackson. Throw in a cool summer night, WOC presidential candidate, and I might be ready to kick the bucket.

I’ve, embarrassingly, shared my bucket list. What’s on yours?


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